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Henan Shangqiu Laowang aluminum pot casting mould factory is a casting enterprise of aluminum products that has developed for decades. In the past, the factory mainly produced and sold aluminum pot, aluminum basin and other aluminum products. At present, the transformation mainly sells the production mold of aluminum pot and the teaching of casting technology. According to the needs of our customers, we can customize various aluminum products molds with samples, and can make aluminum pot and aluminum basin die-casting molds of any size and style.

After decades of exploration, our products have the following characteristics:

1. The product yield of die-casting mold is high, which can reach more than 95%.

2. The surface of the product is smooth and flawless.

3. The thickness of casting products can be selected according to different needs.

4. The mold has a long service life and is not easy to crack, layer or fall.

5. The molds produced by our factory can be refurbished for unlimited times, without the problem of service cycle, and the repair is simple and convenient.